Cheetahs Stripclub and Gentlemans Club Las Vegas

Cheetahs Strip Club and Gentlemans Club Las VEgas
Cheetah's is one of Las Vegas' classic strip clubs. Filled with neon tubes and neon-illuminated dancers, Cheetah's offers a full range of topless entertainment. Cheetah's has a veritable forest of stripper poles -- ten metal rods spread across the main stage and side stages provide plenty of swinging room for the club's hundreds of dancers. The main room is set up in a party-friendly manner, with lots of chairs and lounge tables. At night, the place fills with revelry-makers -- male customers and a fair share of girlfriends and wives tagging along for fun.
At Cheetah's, the sports fanatic can double up on his interest in the human form, be it uniformed or topless; there are numerous wide screen televisions on the main floor and at the bar. Cheetah's does take some inspiration from sports bars. Nonetheless, it's filled with lots of gorgeous, scantily-clothed dancers.