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ROK Vegas Night Club at the New York New York Hotel Las Vegas

Important Details:

  • Location: New York New York
  • Nights of Operation: Wed - Sun
  • Hours of Operation: 10pm - 4am
  • VIP Entry: Call For Prices
  • Table / Bottle Service: Call For Prices
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During the height of Las Vegas' admiration for themed casinos it would have been foolish to not think about some New York-styled destination. Our little slice of the Empire State has given us plenty of Big Apple features from a scale model of the Statue of Liberty to a portion of the Brooklyn Bridge, a sign similar to the marquee at Madison Square Garden and a taxi-themed roller coaster.

It would be impossible to emulate everything from New York, but you couldn't possibly do a Gotham theme justice without mentioning rock music. ROK Vegas in the New York-New York gives you that New York rock club feel with a little Vegas twist and not to mention one of the cheapest bottle service prices in town. Sure the New York rock scene is a slightly lesser known than say Broadway, Frank Sinatra or Jay-Z but that's the point. Like rock music itself, ROK Vegas isn't your mainstream megaclub. For starters, the size of the club is best defined as quaint. It's a rectangular set up with a bar that stretches the length of one side. Three VIP areas sit away from the dance floor and two more are right in the midst of the action. The dance floor begins as soon as you turn around from the bar. Then there's the overhead TV screen that is definitely more Vegas than New York. The screen circles the dance floor and is controlled by the VJ (that's video jockey for those not up on your Vegas jargon), which pairs video clips up with the music being played.

While you will hear plenty of Top 40 here, the DJs aren't afraid to throw in a few of your favorite rock tunes. On a recent weekend, the music sounded completely different from what you would hear at any club in town thanks to a three-day tribute to classic rock and an after-party thrown by the legendary band REO Speedwagon. Speaking of not being afraid to mix things up, you'll find the same thing going on in the bathroom. Sure, that may sound odd, but when you walk into the hallway and see a communal bathroom where some stalls are for women and some for men, you'll understand. And with the outdoor patio you won't feel the need to pregame in your hotel room on the case of PBR you picked up at the liquor store. Happy hour begins early at 5:30 p.m. and lasts until just before the club opens its doors. If you want to feel like a rock star we recommend you take your party to the next level with bottle service that is cheaper than what you spent on your last date. And after you spring for the ROKstar package and sip on some of that Cristal you see in all the music videos, you too will have an Empire State of mind -- in Vegas.

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