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TRYST Nightclub at the Wynn Hotel Las Vegas

Important Details:

  • Location: Wynn Hotel
  • Nights of Operation: Thur, Fri and Sat
  • Hours of Operation: 10pm - 4am
  • VIP Entry: Call For Prices
  • Table / Bottle Service: Call For Prices
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Regardless of whether you followed that line of logic, all you really need to know is that Tryst can be everything you want it to be. It's a nightclub on an epic scale, in a hotel on an epic scale, in a town definitely on an epic scale. The plush setting of the Wynn aside, Tryst stands on its own opulent little legs serving up the glamour that your apartment back home could never provide.

First of all, if you take nothing else about the club away (because maybe you got a little too wrapped up in forgetting your troubles), you'll remember a giant waterfall. It's visible from most places you'd find yourself standing in the club and it's a waterfall. In a hotel. In a nightclub. It's not another strobe light or bottle of Skyy, it's a waterfall. Suffice to say, it's a neat feature that serves to set Tryst apart from all the other clubs in town. But you can't just build a waterfall and call it a day and so Tryst extends that incredulous concept into every aspect of the venue.

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