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Treasures Stripclub and Gentleman's Club Las Vegas

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Calling your club Treasures leaves it open for ridicule if you fall short of providing nothing but Treasures. Interestingly enough, Treasures pulls it off. The thing about Treasures is it appeals to all types. Girl next door type, check. Tattooed blonde, check. Beautiful Latina, check. Big booties, yup.

A sea of tables and chairs fills the floor between the stages, making it convenient to grab a dancer and get a lap dance tableside. During select times there is a buffet available along the left side of the main room. A bar lines the right of the room but with the plethora of seating both upstairs and downstairs and friendly waitresses, tables are the way to go. Semi-private rooms sit in the far left corner of the club. They're only semi-private because each has glass doors in front of them so everyone can still see you but you don't have to worry about your drunken friend doing something stupid while you get your dance.

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